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You can now create multi-panel video comics with LINE’s B612

By Bryan Chan & Liu Hongzuo - on 13 Dec 2016, 9:43am

You can now create multi-panel video comics with LINE’s B612


LINE’s selfie app, B612, expanded its selfie-friendly features by implementing a new Play tool into its vain repertoire. The new feature expects to give “users  and  their  friends  free  rein  to  create  lively,  colorful comic strips with their chats and videos”, according to LINE’s press release.

The new 'Play' feature allows users to create multi-panel video comics using the contents pulled from the app itself. To do so, simply combine one-second selfie videos with text messages sent within the B612 chat conversations.

The app’s users can also exchange video and texts over the B612 chat interface, and then share the multi-panel video comic strips on their social network pages. Other tweaks include animated filters for the one-second selfie videos, and these additions help to add a cartoony effect triggered by facial movements. Quoted text will appear in speech bubbles to help liven up the comic strips.

To use the B612 features, users will need to log into their B612 account using either their LINE ID, their Facebook login details, or by registering an e-mail address. The messages sent using B612’s chat interface are automatically deleted within 24 hours. Up to five videos can be selected per comic strip, with a maximum of 10 panels in each strip (including message-only panels).

Prior to the Play feature, B612 had over 200 different animated filters that are triggered by facial movements, over 100 filters, a collage function, and other features that optimize selfie-taking. This selfie app has been around since August 2014, and it has 250 million downloads across user bases in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. The app’s name is a reference to the asteroid-home of the main character in a famous French novella, The Little Prince.

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