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Yahoo! Ready to Release Inactive Usernames

By Michael Low & Leo Boon Yeow - on 27 Aug 2013, 11:00am

Yahoo! Ready to Release Inactive Usernames

 Image source: Yahoo!

Yahoo! has just announced on the official Yahoo! blog that it is ready to release all of its dormant usernames. Users who signed up for the Wishlist of usernames, and have successfully secured their preferred username, will be notified soon.

Those who had been unsuccessful will automatically have their five desired usernames ported over to a newly launched Watchlist. The Watchlist will then monitor for your preferred user ID for the next three years, and will alert users once their desired username has been freed up.

For those who did not sign-up during the initial Wishlist phase, they'd have to pay US$1.99 for the privilege of being on the Watchlist program. They'd then be allowed to select a total of five usernames which will be monitored by the Watchlist. 

Once a desired username has been freed, Yahoo! will hold it for 14 days, which should be enough time to decide if you still want it.

Source: Yahoo!