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World-Class Photographers Shortlisted for Sony World Photography Awards 2012

By Daniel Goh - on 8 Feb 2012, 10:27am

World-Class Photographers Shortlisted for Sony World Photography Awards 2012

Just recently, the World Photography Organization announced the shortlisted photographers for the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards.

Hailed as one of the top global photographic events of the year, a whopping 112,000 entries from 171 countries have been submitted and from those, only a select few have made it into this phase of the contest.

From the full range of categories, some of the new photographers that have garnered special mention by the honorary judges include Manuel Geerinck (Belgium), Lee Chee Wai (Malaysia), Alejandro Cartagena (Mexico), Irina Werning (Argentina), Gwenn Dubourthoumieu (Republic of the Congo), and Simon Norfolk (UK).

Even our homegrown talents like Lee Chee Wai, Teng Hin Khoo, and John Lai Teck Kee have managed to make a name on a global scale.

Lee Chee Wai: Capturing the moment of sea farming activities in and around Xiapu - the mudflats sea farming villages located at the North East of Fujian province, China. It has a long coastal line of 404km, with large portion of sea shore protected by mountain and rock, making it perfect for the fishers and sea farming activities.

Teng Hin Khoo: The sleeping Buddha statue was inside a dark cavern below one the many temple ruins in Bagan, Myanmar. The scene was mainly lighted by the candles and a small stream of natural light from the small doorway.

John Lai Teck Kee: Paradise

Selected by the Honorary Judging committee, which was chaired by esteemed photographic consultant W.M. Hunt, these finalists will have their work exhibited at a major exhibition at London’s Somerset House to coincide with the award ceremony on April 26, 2012.

Hunt also commented, “As a judge, you bring an open mind and a passion for photography - its presence and its present, its past and its legacy. You are hopeful and hungry to see great work that is fresh and full, expecting the exceptional. The rewards are rich and delightful. It is a pleasure to present this year's selections.”

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