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WOOX Innovations launches 'You Need To Hear This' campaign

By John Law - on 1 Aug 2014, 10:43am

WOOX Innovations launches 'You Need To Hear This' campaign

The campaign, which first saw light in the U.K. and Germany, has finally reached Malaysia.

WOOX Innovations recently launched its global 'You Need To Hear This' campaign in Malaysia. The campaign, which is a collaboration between the Philips distributor and Noisey, a subsidiary of international online news publisher, VICE, was designed to help people better discover music on a new level, as well as to help new and upcoming musicians to get noticed.

“Our goal with the campaign is to engage those people who are driving emerging cultural trends, particularly in music,” said Andrew Tan, Business Leader for WOOX Innovations Malaysia. “There is no better way to do this than by offering exactly what they are looking for: superior sound quality whenever and wherever they may need it.”

The campaign, which initially saw its focus mainly in the U.K. and Germany, has rolled out to other countries, Malaysia being one of them. In addition to its online presence, the global campaign also includes exclusive video premieres, access to unique gigs, artist sessions, festival participation, pop-up events, tables you need to hear and much more.

The campaign is a collaboration between WOOX Innovations and Noisey, a subsidiary of the online news publication, VICE.

To celebrate the launch of the campaign in Malaysia, there will be an exclusive video premiere shot in schools and campuses in KL and Selangor, which will be uploaded biweekly. Videos of the campaign have actually been uploaded since July 25, 2014 and can be viewed on the Philips Sound Malaysia's Facebook page.

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