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Windows Phone 7.5 Roll Out!

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 28 Sep 2011, 12:47pm

Windows Phone 7.5 Roll Out!

Microsoft Malaysia officially announced the global launch of the Windows Phone 7.5, previously codenamed Mango. The anticipated update to the Windows Phone 7 platform delivers innovative features that include built-in group chat and deep integration with social networking sites, easier access to applications and an improved web browsing experience with Internet Explorer 9.

One of the new innovative feature within Windows Phone 7.5 is Groups, where users can group their favorite contacts and pin them on the Start sceen in order to get live updates, such as emails and texts, without opening other applications. Facebook chat, Messenger, check-ins and photo tagging are also built into Windows Phone 7.5 to provide users with a more connected experience. Besides that, there is also Internet Sharing, which uses the phone to tether a wireless signal, keeping other devices connected to the Internet anytime, anywhere.

Other additional features that were added to Windows Phone 7.5 was the inclusion of live updates for apps pinned on the Start screen and an improved built-in search function, which makes searches easier. With the Local Scout app, users can locate desired shops, restaurants and public events that are of user's interest. SkyDrive, also featured in Windows Phone 7.5, is a cloud based storage for Windows Live users to upload, share and edit Microsoft Office documents and files, photos and videos.

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