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Wiko Wax is Europe's First Tegra 4i Smartphone

By Michael Low & Joy Hou - on 25 Feb 2014, 1:55pm

Wiko Wax is Europe's First Tegra 4i Smartphone

Wiko Mobile, a French phone manufacturer, has just launched Wiko Wax, Europe's first Tegra 4i smartphone, at this year's Mobile World Congress.

Image source: Wiko Mobile.

The Tegra 4i, NVIDIA's first integrated LTE mobile processor that combines a 60-core GPU and NVIDIA's own LTE modem to bring up to two times higher performance than competing phone chips, helps Wiko Wax deliver fast web browsing, gaming performance, smooth video playback, and great battery life.

Besides integrating a 8-megapixel rear camera as well as LTE / HSPA+ support, the new smartphone comes pre-installed with TegraZone, NVIDIA's free app that showcases the best games optimized for the Tegra processor.

The new 4.7-inch Wiko Wax will be available throughout Europe, including France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, UK, and Belgium, from April 2014 onwards.