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WhatsApp now lets you share any file type, bundles shared media

By Ian Chee - on 14 Jul 2017, 11:26am

WhatsApp now lets you share any file type, bundles shared media

There is now a new update to WhatsApp messaging app that allows you to share files of any type and extension, as well as the grouping of multiple files into one in your chat logs.

Image source: Engadget.

Previously, you could only share limited document file types, typically of the.pdf, .docx and .xlsx types. Sending .jpg images also results in compressed images when you simply shared them. Now, you can send any file type by tapping on the paper clip icon and selecting ‘documents’. The file explorer defaults to actual documents, but you can essentially  attach any file by browsing through different file categories and folders.

Do you have that friend who likes sending the million selfies he/she took during their recent trip to the WhatsApp group that you are both in? With the new update, all the images will be bundled together, so you’ll still be able to read what others have said before said person started flooding the chat with images.

The last change is that you need to swipe up when you get a WhatsApp call. It isn’t much, but it’s something you’ll want to take note of if you frequently receive calls via the app.

Also, as always, the update rolls out slowly to all users, but since the rollout apparently started two days ago, chances are all you need is to refresh your app list in the Google Play Store.

Source: Android Police.