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Weenect Cats is the first cat GPS tracker that's also a phone

By Ian Chee & Salehuddin Bin Husin - on 16 Oct 2015, 11:49am

Weenect Cats is the first cat GPS tracker that's also a phone

 The Weenect Cats is a GPS device which also has phone capabilities.

If you're a cat lover who let your kitty (or kitties) roam wild, it's practically a given that you'll worry about them. After all, out in the world, anything could happen to the felines and you'd never know about it until its too late. That's why there's a whole industry that creates products specially for owners to track their beloved felines' whereabouts.

While GPS devices for pets aren't exactly new, the Weenect Cats is unique in that it's not only a GPS tracker, it also has a built-in SIM card, which can turn it into a one way phone, meaning you can dial in but the cat can't dial out. You wouldn't want Kitty to be calling long distance, do you?

Weighing 25 grams, water resistant and about the size of a pager (remember those?), the Weenect Cats is meant to be clipped on to your cat's collar. You can then track where your kitty is at all times with the app. The app even allows you to follow the route your cat takes when it goes on one of its walkabouts, from the beginning to the end. It also allows you to set alarms that will warn you if your beloved feline is wandering too far from home.

Of course, the app also allows you to call your cat. The device has a built-in SIM card, which works in 80 countries (including Malaysia), though you'll need to pay a monthly subscription (30€ for six months or 50€ a year) to enable the call feature. There's a microphone and speaker embedded within the Weenect Cats, so when you call, your kitty can hear your voice and you can hear your cat if it replies back.

The Weenect Cats is already up for pre-order, with orders shipping out in December. MSRP is 169€ (approx. RM802) but pre-orders can get the device for 89€ (approx. RM422) instead. You can pre-order from the pre-order page.

Source: Weenect