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webe changes network name to UniFi, here's what it means

By Ian Chee - on 16 Sep 2017, 10:00am

webe changes network name to UniFi, here's what it means

Image source: webe.

If you’re a webe user, then you’ll notice today on Malaysia Day (September 16, 2017) that the network name now says 'UniFi' on the top corner of your phone’s display.

That said, nothing else will change. The wireless data, voice calls and SMS solution will still be distinctly different from the fixed line broadband. Your plans and your bills will remain the same, and you’ll still be paying your bills to ‘webe digital Sdn Bhd’ every month.

At this point, you’d be wondering what’s the whole point of this naming exercise if nothing else is changing. We did too, so we dived into the FAQs to see what else webe has to say regarding this name change. Based on the choice of words, though, we suspect there may be a chance that somewhere down the line, the two services will be combined into one. Question 12 on the FAQ asks: “Can I make one payment under UniFi for my broadband services and webemobile services?”, to which the answer was: “Not at the moment. You have to make payment according to each of your subscription account.”

That said, if you happen to be overseas when this change in network name occurs, you may have to make the change manually, or you’ll be cut off from your data connection. To find out the steps required to do this, here’s the link to the FAQ page in question.

Source: webe.