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Watch out AMD and NVIDIA, Intel said to be working on a gaming GPU

By Kenny Yeo - on 12 Apr 2018, 5:47pm

Watch out AMD and NVIDIA, Intel said to be working on a gaming GPU

Intel's hiring of Raja Koduri late last year was a clear sign that they wanted to enter the discrete graphics space.

This isn’t the first time Intel has dabbled in discrete graphics – there was the i740 Accelerated Graphics Port card in 1998 and the Larrabee project in the late 2000s – but the company has since spent a long time away from the market.

Koduri was formerly head of AMD's Radeon Technologies Group and has extensive experience developing graphics chip.

He has also worked at Apple and helped lay the groundwork for Apple's mobile processors.

The project, widely reported to be codenamed Arctic Sound, was originally thought of as one targeted at data centers.

However, a report by Forbes now says that Koduri is splitting the project into two parts, with one of them focused on gaming.

Additionally, it is said that Intel wants to "enter the market with a bang."

This is exciting news for gamers as the high-end GPU space has largely been dominated by NVIDIA for the past few years. Not that it is a bad thing entirely, but some competition is always nice.

At this point, it is unclear how and what Intel has up its sleeves, but there's no question that the company has the necessary resources to pull this off, especially with someone like Koduri at the helm.

Rumors say Intel's gaming GPU will be ready sometime near 2020.

Source: Forbes