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The VX57 gaming monitor joins ViewSonic's lineup

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 24 Jul 2016, 2:17am

The VX57 gaming monitor joins ViewSonic's lineup

ViewSonic recently introduced their latest gaming monitors, the VX57 series. Previously seen at COMPUTEX this year, the new monitors offer gamers not only a better competitive edge, but also crystal clear images.

The new Viewsonic VX57 gaming monitor series promises to provide gamers smooth screen performance that is free of ghosting and blurring. <br> Image Source: Viewsonic

“ViewSonic is known as an industry leader for providing some of the highest quality and feature-rich professional monitors, it is simply a natural extension that ViewSonic would provide the best professional-level monitors for gamers …With ultra-fast response time and eye-care technology, ViewSonic’s VX57 series is specially engineered to meet the demanding needs of gamers and is loaded with the premium features needed to dominate and defeat any and all opponents,” said David Chen , Business Line Manager, ViewSonic Asia Pacific.

This monitor is available in three different models - the 27-inch VX2757-mhd, 24-inch VX2457-mhd and 22-inch VX2257-mhd. These Full HD monitors feature VESA adaptive-Sync technology that reduces screen ghosting and blurring. This makes the VX57 series ideal for competitive games ranging from the MOBA, FPS and RTS genres, allowing gamers to spot opponents more accurately.

The VX57 series also includes AMD’s FreeSync technology, which synchronizes the frame rate output between your monitor and graphics card. The result is a gaming experience without jerkiness, screen tearing and stuttering.

In addition, the VX57 series also comes with a host of ports that includes VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort inputs for flexible connectivity, as well as dual integrated speakers in case you do not have external speakers readily available. Also included is ViewSonic’s Flicker-free and Blue Light Filter eye-care technologies that reduces eye strain during extended usage.

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