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Uber will soon enable you to request a ride for someone else (Updated)

By Peter Chu - on 29 Jun 2017, 11:24am

Uber will soon allow you to request a ride for someone else

Updated 11:30, June 29, 2017: Uber's new feature is now officially available in Malaysia on both iOS and Android devices – no app update required.

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You’ve probably been in this situation before: Mom wants to meetup with her friends at a nearby café, but she can’t drive herself there because her car is stuck in the workshop. She asks you for help, but you’re at work.

Chances are, your next course of action would be to call an Uber. But the thing is, you would need to constantly keep an eye on the app to monitor the driver’s current location, and relay the message to your mom so that the driver doesn’t get kept waiting when he arrives. On top of that, you will also need to provide her with the name of the driver, the make and model of his vehicle, as well as its registration plate as a safety precaution – you wouldn’t want her to hop onboard the wrong car now, do you?

That all sounds incredibly tedious. But the good news is that Uber is in the midst of rolling out a feature that will allow you to hail a ride for someone else, while allowing both passenger and driver to be in direct contact with one another. In fact, the passenger will also receive a text message containing the driver’s details, and a link to track the driver’s route. You will still be paying for the fare, of course.

Image source: TechCrunch.

The feature works like this: when you set a pickup spot within the Uber app that isn’t your phone’s current geotagged location, a prompt will appear asking whether you would like to request a ride for yourself or someone else. Select the latter, and the app will open up your address book, allowing you to select a contact that will receive the driver’s details. From there on out, all you have to do is set the final destination, send the request, and the driver will be on his way.

The feature is currently available in the United States and 30 other countries worldwide, including Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, according to TechCrunch. We’ve yet to receive an update for the Uber app through the Apple App Store or Google Play, but it shouldn’t be much longer until we do, seeing how we're listed down as one of the countries.

Source: Uber via TechCrunch.