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Uber suffers data breach that affects 50,000 of its drivers in the U.S.

By Ian Chee - on 1 Mar 2015, 11:00am

Uber suffers data breach that affects 50,000 of its drivers in the U.S.

Uber has made known on February 27 that it had suffered a data breach, affecting 50,000 of its drivers in the U.S. The odd thing is that the breach was discovered in September 17, 2014, and the breach itself took place in May 13, 2014.

A screenshot of Uber's homepage. <br>Image source: Uber.

In a blog post from Uber’s website, it says the data was accessed by an unknown third party, and only the names and drivers licenses were accessed.

Also according to the blog post, the company has filed what is known as a 'John Doe' lawsuit in the hopes of collecting the necessary information to have charges pressed in the unlikely event that the attacker is identified.

This notification was apparently sent to affected Uber drivers, according to Forbes:

"We discovered in September that information allowing someone to access the database had been available without intended access restrictions. We immediately ensured that they database was no longer accessible using that information and have taken additional safety measures to protect your information."

With the steady pace of hacking and data breaches that are occurring lately, this is a worrying enough scenario. But what makes this worse is the fact that  the breach was discovered four months after it occurred, and it took Uber five months to decide to make the incident known.

Source: Uber via Forbes.