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Turn your neighborhood into a Pac-Man game with Google Maps

By Azizul Rahman Ismail - on 1 Apr 2015, 10:04am

Turn your neighborhood into a Pac-Man game with Google Maps

Image source: Google Maps.

‘Waka waka waka’, that’s the familiar sound from many gamer’s childhood of that iconic arcade game from Namco. Now, not only can you dive back to the 80's and play a game of Pac-Man, but, you could turn the map of your hometown into a Pac-Man game, thanks to Google Maps.

This may read like an April Fools’ prank, but it isn’t. Go to Google Maps and pick an area, a neighborhood with lots of intersecting roads would be the best. Picking an area with fewer streets will make the game easier as they are fewer pallets to collect, however getting away from the ghosts could be near impossible.

At the lower left hand corner of the Google Maps page are two icons; one for Google Earth, while the other is of a Pac-Man game. Click the latter and enjoy.

The game uses your keyboard's directional keys for control. The game can get a little tricky with end of roads that take you to unexpected areas and controlling Pac-Man on curved roads and multiple lane roads will require some skills. For the full effect, don’t forget to turn on the sound effects.

Source: Kotaku.