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Tt eSPORTS Introduces the Draconem Aluminum Mousepad

By Michael Low & Joy Hou - on 16 May 2014, 10:11am

Tt eSPORTS Introduces the Draconem Aluminum Mousepad

Tt eSPORTS has announced its first aluminum mousepad, the Draconem.

Image source: Tt eSPORTS.

With an aluminum frame 2mm thick, the new mousepad comes with two surfaces for use. The low-friction side lets you glide your mouse across the mousepad effortlessly, while the high-control side gives you more precision in-game. On top of that, both surfaces feature an optimized polymer for the highest precision tracking with both optical and laser gaming mice.

For sturdiness, the Draconem includes four removable non-slip rubber stoppers at the corners. The mouse bungee can be attached to any four sides, to match any setup you may employ during gaming. To use, simply slide your mouse cord into the cord groove of the mouse bungee. It can be disassembled into two halves for storage or portability.

Priced at US$39.99, the Draconem aluminum mousepad is available from late April in select regions globally.