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Trends at the Upcoming IFA Berlin 2013

By Jeremy Cheong - on 23 Apr 2013, 11:48am

Trends at the Upcoming IFA Berlin 2013

One of the largest innovations shows, IFA is set to heat up Berlin later this year from September 6–11. IFA is very much similar to other shows like the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and COMPUTEX Taipei as it is a great platform for industry movers and shakers to display all their latest and most innovative products and technology. Here are some of the trends for consumer electronics and home appliances that are very likely to make an appearance:

  • Ultra HD TVs & Displays
    • 2013 is all about Ultra HD screens and visitors can be sure to have their breaths taken away by displays with resolution exceeding eight million pixels, four times that of conventional HD screens. Most Ultra HDTVs are at least 55-inches but in IFA, visitors will see huge 80-inchers.
  • OLED Technology
    • OLED is also bound to be something that will fascinate visitors as these new innovative screens use organic diodes to illuminate each pixel which produces high-contrast, razor-sharp fast-moving images of breathtaking brilliance. There will also be the slightly concave OLED screen that gives viewers the impression of spatial depth.
  • Next-Gen Smart TVs
    • The latest Smart TVs that will be showcased in IFA are said to feature multi-core processors and powerful graphics processors that give them impressive computing power, rapid webpage processing, improved ease of operation and smoother video on-screen. Besides that, voice and gesture commands will also be one of the main focuses for Smart TVs.
  • Second Screens
    • With tablet PCs and smartphones becoming everyday household items, they are perfect as universal navigating tools to work in tandem with TVs. Some of the ways they can be used is by displaying an electronic program guide that allows users to easily select live broadcasts or set up recordings or even transfer running broadcasts from the larger screen to a tablet or smartphones display.
  • Wireless Speakers and Headphones
    • Speakers and headphones that connect to a source via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will be among the most popular products at the show. Majority of consumers these days don't like dealing with cables that get tangled easily, thus paving the way for wireless speakers and headphones. The common misconception of wireless audio processing devices can now be chucked out of the window as well, as they possess outstanding sound reproduction capabilities and state-of-the-art noise cancellation functions.
  • Home Networking
    • Some of the more interesting home networking devices that will be showcased in IFA allow users to connect and control household appliances, heating and lighting systems as well as accessing and storing their precious files and data from anywhere in the world by just using a smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Electrical Home Appliances

  • In the home appliances department, visitors will get to check out :
    • New washing machines that are economical in their use of energy, water and detergent ad also emphasize on improved hygiene and low noise emissions .
    • Tumble dryers with maximum energy efficiency and freshening clothes by applying steam and scents.
    • Refrigerators that feature new insulating materials that improve energy efficiency, special hygiene systems that help to prevent odor and neutralize bacteria and new interior lighting materials that simulate the effects of sunlight thus maintaining the freshness and vitamin content of fruit and vegetables as long as possible.
    • Other interesting new devices include ovens, hobs, extractor hoods and dishwashers.

Small Domestic Appliances

  • But that's not all visitors will get to see at IFA this year, as there will also be a showcase of innovative small domestic appliances which include:
    • An extensive range of body care products, ranging from hair styling, oral and dental care and skin care
    • Vacuum cleaners that offer improved performance with reduced energy consumption. More efficient brushes, designed specially for homes with pets, additional filters and water filtration systems that provide enhanced cleaning and eliminate unpleasant odors.
    • Other new devices include breakfasts sets and espresso machines and coffeemakers.

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