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Transcend Promotes Healthy Living with MP350

By Jeremy Cheong - on 18 Apr 2013, 11:41am

Transcend Promotes Healthy Living with MP350

Let's face it, whether you like to admit it or not, many of us spend at least eight hours a day sitting in front of a computer and just exercising our fingers. The only stretching we do is to get our smartphones, a snack or a drink. It doesn't get any better at home, as we plonk ourselves in front of the TV or computer once more to play video games or watch our favorite shows to unwind with a pack of chips. Then before we go to sleep, we lay on our beds, tablet in hand to read a little or continue with more multimedia consumption.

Two activities we find ourselves doing everyday <br>Image source: Google

So to encourage more of us to get off our 'heavy behinds' and start being more active, Transcend has recently released a new digital music player, the MP350, which has features that makes it perfect for an active lifestyle. However, since many of us already use our smartphones to play music, why would we need the MP350?

Firstly, the MP350 is much more affordable compared to a smartphone and only costs about US$49 (around RM150) for the 8GB variant. It is also much smaller compared to any smartphone and has a built-in sports clip that makes it much easier to bring with you while you go for a run in the park. The MP350 also boasts an outer shell that is water- and shock- resistant, so you won't have to worry about it getting damaged if you get caught in a sudden shower or accidentally drop it on the ground.

Besides its neat little design features, the MP350 also comes with a convenient sports function, perfect for the exercise junkie. After selecting the specific sport type and workout goal, the practical fitness tracker allows users to preset the total exercise time or the amount of calories they wish to burn – providing that extra bit of motivation needed to complete a strenuous workout. It will then save a record of the data from the total session after each workout, so users can easily monitor the progress towards their personal target. This is perfect for those who don't like having a personal trainer egging them on.

The MP350 is also versatile in terms of file format support as it can play MP3, WMA and WAV formats with no hassle. For those who take their music quality seriously, it also boasts a high signal-to-noise ratio of over 90dB to deliver superior audio output quality. This little music player also comes with seven advanced equalizer effects to choose from, including a special user-customizable option that allows music playback to be tailored to match specific music tastes and styles.

Finally, the MP350 can also be used as more than just a music player, as it features a voice recorder, radio and can even be used as portable storage to easily keep and share photos, videos and documents.

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