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The TrackR Pixel help you keep track of your personal effects

By John Law & Marcus Wong - on 23 Jun 2017, 11:38am

The TrackR Pixel help you keep track of your personal effects

Following the release of the TrackR Bravo last year, TrackR has released a second device, the TrackR Pixel. It has a diameter of just 26.2mm and a thickness of 5.6mm, making it no larger than an American quarter, so you’ll definitely be able to attach it to anything you might lose.

A built-in LED light makes it easy to find in the dark, and the device comes in a choice of eight colors to easily fit your style. There’s even a free loop and adhesive provided so you can easily attach to your keys, wallets, phones or even your pet.

Here's how small the Pixel is.

The entire circumference of the Pixel lights up, making it easy to find at night.

The TrackR Pixel is said to have a longer range and louder ringer than the TrackR Bravo, making detection even easier. If the lost item does happen to be out of range though, TrackR’s Crowd Locate Network will be activated, so if another TrackR user does happen to pass your item, you’ll get an anonymous update of its location, helping you track it down.

Family Sharing is another feature that lets you share your items with family members so everyone can chip in to find those missing car keys. If it’s a phone you’re missing, just press on a paired TrackR Pixel and the paired mobile phone will start ringing. Easy!

Eight colors are available for selection.

The TrackR Pixel is already available at Lazada from RM119 onwards. 

See the TrackR Pixel in action in the video below: