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TP-LINK to launch a new range of smartphones, names it Neffos

By Peter Chu - on 22 Dec 2015, 10:40am

TP-LINK to launch a new range of smartphones, names it Neffos

The Neffos range of smartphones will arrive next year.

TP-LINK, a company that has grown to become synonymous with networking products, will soon be making the bold move of venturing into unfamiliar territory with the launch of their brand-new product category – smartphones.

Yes, you read that right, TP-LINK will be making their foray into the inherently unforgiving mobile device industry with the help of their inaugural smartphone range, which goes by the name of Neffos.

“Our original intention of developing Neffos was about creating a unique digital experience by establishing a seamless connection between people and devices,” said Jeffrey Chao, President of TP-LINK. “We believe a real smartphone could provide a sense of joy of technology for users while at the same time offer a simple lifestyle for them in such era of information explosion, so that for users, the smartphone is not just a tool, but a fashion icon to reflect oneself.”

It won’t be long until we’ll be able to get a closer look at  Neffos and what it brings to the table, as TP-LINK will reportedly be launching it as soon as February of next year. 

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