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These 'Tech Tats' are paving the way to augmented humans

By Bryan Chan - on 26 Nov 2015, 10:04am

These 'Tech Tats' are paving the way to augmented humans

If you've played the Deus Ex series of games before, then you would know what an augmented human is – a person who has been “modified” in some way with technology. While we're far away from being able to survive drops from 10-story buildings or having eyes than can see through walls, it looks like we're taking the first steps.

A company called Chaotic Moon Studios is in the midst of creating a range of temporary tattoos that come with biosensors. Known as 'Tech Tats', these temporary tattoos will function much like fitness trackers do. The biosensors can read your body's temperature and sends it to a smartphone.

The applications of these Tech Tats isn't limited to the health field. They could also be used to authorize payments, similar to how Apple Pay does. It's best to leave it up to the creators to explain more about this tech:

Source: Motherboard.Vice, Chaotic Moon Studios' YouTube channel