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Thermaltake Flaunts its Level 10 GT Snow Edition Chassis

By Joy Hou - on 2 Aug 2011, 11:29am

Thermaltake Flaunts its Level 10 GT Snow Edition Chassis

Thermaltake launches the Level 10 GT Snow Edition chassis, captivating with a purist design and expressing a passion for visual aesthetics. Combining the black and white to give all users a new visual experience, it is more than just a high-end gaming chassis, but also a true piece of art, allowing gamers and enthusiasts to experience the power of their high-end computers through the sophisticated design.

Superior Cooling System

Level 10 GT Snow Edition is a solid quality eSports chassis, featuring superior air flow to prolong the life of the computer accessories. In order to meet the demand for both DIY and eSports with a trendy look and fulfill gaming quality requirements, the implementation of Thermaltake’s QuadFan (Three oversized 200mm ColorShift fans and one 140mm TurboFan) Ventilation concept creates an ideal environment for your components to unfold their full potential. In corporation with the superior cooling system, the water-cooling ready design for enthusiasts features an innovative top removable panel that can be easily transformed to accommodate high-efficiency 24cm radiator. Moreover, all intake fans come with convenient built-in dust filter that can be easily cleaned.

Extras or customers who want even more

Thanks to an innovative technology, the Level 10 GT Snow Edition professional eSports chassis emphasizes on the interior space, and has 5 sets of hot swappable hard drive trays for convenience and upgradeability. It provides greatest storage flexibility and maximum data transfer speeds. The side panels and hard drives are secured by an advanced lock system to keep data and hardware safe and secure. With 2 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectors right on the top of the Level 10 GT Snow Edition professional eSports chassis, that guaranteed to operate multimedia peripherals at tremendous data transfer velocities. Moreover, Level 10 GT Snow Edition professional eSports chassis has implemented intelligent layout and abundance of room for supporting largest components in each category and graphic card up to 370 mm.