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Tag Heuer's US$1,400 smart watch will be launched by November

By Ian Chee & Kenny Yeo - on 30 Apr 2015, 10:17am

Tag Heuer's US$1,400 smart watch will be launched by November


Jean Claude Biver is the head of LVMH's watchmaking division and oversees brands such as Hublot, Zenith and Tag Heuer. Since late last year, Biver has said that Tag Heuer was keen to make its own smart watch. And earlier this year, Tag Heuer confirmed their ambitions by allying with Intel and Google.

Recently at the launch of a new Hublot boutique in Dubai, Biver stated that Tag Heuer will launch its smart watch by November this year. He also revealed that it will be priced around US$1400, and will offer a battery life of around 40 hours - more than double that of the Apple Watch. Tag Heuer's smart watch will be the first luxury Android Wear watch.

With regards to the competition, Biver hopes that Apple Watch will be a success. He said, "I hope they sell millions and millions and millions of them. The more they sell the more a few people will want something different and come to TAG Heuer.”

Tag Heuer recently underwent a bit of a restructuring and Biver is keen to reestablish the brand's dominant position in the affordable luxury segment where watches are typically priced from 1500 to 3000 Swiss francs.

Source: Bloomberg