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This T-shirt uses VR and AR to let you examine your chest cavity

By Nickey Ross - on 16 Oct 2017, 12:32pm

This T-shirt uses VR and AR to let you examine your chest cavity

Image source: Curiscope.

Brighton startup Curiscope has developed a garment called Virtuali-Tee, which allows users to look at their chest cavity, thanks to  a blend of augmented and virtual reality. It is essentially a T-shirt that is printed with a QR code made to mirror that of a human rib cage. Upon hovering your phone over the tee while using the app, you will be able to look at the human chest cavity, the veins, lungs, and the heart. VR experiences are able to be placed physically within one's surroundings, with positionally tracked AR. 

Curiscope CEO Ed Barton said that positional tracking blurs the distinction between physical and digital objects, as well as offers an experience with a stronger connection to reality. He added that AR serves as the interface, while VR would be used to carry users to a different place.

Curiscope's future plans include the Great White Shark AR app launch, as well as Operation Apex, which is a VR experience in partnership with HTC Vive Studios, where users are placed in a simulated virtual surrounding with sharks. More than 3,000 Virtuali-Tees have been sold, and it can be purchased for US$29.95 (~RM126.34) on Curiscope's website.

Source: Wired.