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Stranger Things is now available as a game for iOS and Android devices

By Peter Chu - on 5 Oct 2017, 10:55am

Stranger Things is now available as a game for iOS and Android devices

You’ve watched the series, now it’s time for you to play the game. The official Stranger Things video game, which is simply called Stranger Things: The Game, is now available as a free download on iOS and Android devices.

Developed by Texas-based studio BonusXP and published by Netflix, Stranger Things: The Game certainly does look like a trip down memory lane, considering that its overall design looks unmistakably similar to the retro games of yore.

Here’s the official description of the game, as listed on the Google Play Store:

Stranger Things are afoot again in Hawkins, Indiana. Join Hopper and the kids on a new, action-packed adventure!

* It's 1984 all over again. Stranger Things: The Game is an action adventure game true to the games our heroes would have played back in the day.

* Explore Hawkins and its surroundings. See your favorite locations like Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins Lab. Uncover exciting areas you've never seen before!

* Solve puzzles with the unique abilities of each character. Lucas can nail anything with his Wrist Rocket. Nancy has a whole set of bats to swing this time.

* Collect all the Eggos and Gnomes you can lay your hands on. You never know what they might unlock...

Season two of Stranger Things will be premiering on Netflix later this month on October 27, 2017, which leaves you with plenty of time to complete its official video game tie-in before the big day. Who knows, you might just be able to unlock secret characters or exclusive, never-before-seen-footage of season two by completing the game in its entirety.

Source: Eurogamer.