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Steve Jobs entered into the Photography Hall of Fame

By Bryan Chan & Marcus Wong - on 23 Aug 2016, 11:58am

Steve Jobs entered into the Photography Hall of Fame

Steve Jobs has just been inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame (IPHF), joining a list of names like Annie Lebovitz, Sebastião Salgado and Ken Burns.

Inductees were selected by a nominating committee made up of IPHF representatives and distinguished leaders in the photography industry. To be eligible, inductees must have made a notable contribution to the art or science of photography, having a significant impact on the photography industry and/or history of photography, so you may be wondering how Steve Jobs qualifies. And this is where we merely have to look at the device in most people’s hands.

Smartphone Photography is undoubtedly the most prevalent form of photography today, and the one phone that most pushed smart phones to the forefront of our conscious has to be without a doubt, the iPhone. The success of the iPhone and smart phones that followed surely led to the rise of photography apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat – all of which have arguably taken up the mantle of the most commonly used photography tools today. 

Whether it’s teens snapping selfies, or elderly grandmothers taking pictures while out on holiday, the smart phone camera has certainly made it easier for anyone to take, make and share pictures with the rest of the world. 

Here’s the text that accompanies Jobs’ listing in the Hall of Fame:

Steve Jobs was an American inventor and entrepreneur who cofounded Apple and led it to become the world’s most innovative company. Steve helped create products that revolutionized the creative world and became essential tools for designers, filmmakers, music producers and photographers. Passionate about photography both in his work and personal life, his most profound contribution to the artistic community and the world is the iPhone which, in less than a decade, has changed both the art of photography and the industry around it.

The full list of inductees are documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, 20th century photographer Ernst Haas, Photoshop co-creators John and Thomas Knoll, portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz, digital printing pioneer Graham Nash, and documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado.

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