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Staying SHARP on the Leader BOARD

By John Law - on 18 Oct 2013, 6:56pm

Staying SHARP on the Leader BOARD

We were invited by Sharp to attend the the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) game that was held last week.

The game, which lasted for four days, saw the contestants teeing off against each other for a prize of US$2 million (which approximately RM6.5 million). Being one of the major sponsors, Sharp's AQUOS line of TVs peppered the entire event, displaying the event for those who intended to watch the game in comfort.

But the crowning glory of the entire Sharp AQUOS range was the company's 70-inch AQUOS Board TV. The AQUOS Board is a highly functional interactive Touch Full HD TV which – while we were there – was being used as a training tool for the avid golfers and enthusiasts.

The Sharp AQUOS Board, a 70-inch, fully interactive, touchscreen, Full HD TV

The AQUOS Board at the time had no golf-related software or programs on it, so it was operated through an iPad.

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