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Is this Sony's next-generation PlayStation Move VR controller?

By James Lu - on 30 Jan 2018, 10:12am

Is this Sony's next-generation PlayStation Move VR controller?

VR Focus has spotted two patents recently filed by Sony that look like updated versions of its Playstation Move motion controller.

The first patent shows a vertical grip controller with a thumbstick and buttons on top, and a trigger on the other side. It actually looks quite similar to the old Nintendo Wii Nunchuk remote. There's an interesting bit of text that says that inside the remote, interlocking gears under the 'grip' expand and contract to give immersive feedback "capable of imparting a tactile sense to a user".

The other patent is for tracking a user's individual finger placement solely using a headset. This would make it work differently than the current PSVR setup, which uses the PlayStation Camera to follow the colored light balls on the Move controllers. This setup could be used with the PlayStation VR headset to let users experience VR gaming without having to hold controllers.

Source: IP Force, IP Force via VR Focus