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Sony's 4K BRAVIA TVs Now in 65” and 55”

By John Law - on 20 Aug 2013, 4:56pm

Sony's 4K BRAVIA TVs Now in 65” and 55”

Earlier in the year, Sony gave us a chance to experience the huge 84” 4K BRAVIA Ultra HD TV under its X-series TV lineup. Just recently though, they demonstrated the 4K BRAVIA TVs in a smaller form factor. Oh, and by small, we mean 65” and 55”.

The new X-Series Sony BRAVIA 4K Ultra HD TVs come in 65" or 55"

Seeing how the technology was standardized across both model sizes, Sony simply gave us the demonstration on the 65” model. Needless to say, the end results on the display was stunning.

The colors are stunning, to say the least

The new X-series 4K TVs are all manufactured using Sony's latest display technology, TRILUMINOS. Unlike your regular LED Full HD TVs, Sony's TRILUMINOS displays are made using nanocrystals, which give the TVs a backlighting that presents rich, authentic colors with very subtle tones. It also replicates bold colors, including hard-to-reproduce reds and greens.

On a different note: both sound reproduction and quality was a factor which was heavily taken into consideration when Sony was building this 4K BRAVIA TV. On top of the standard S-Force Surround Sound technology, all the X-series TV speakers are made using the company's proprietary Magnetic Fluid Speaker technology that contributes towards a more natural sound reproduction. On that note, the TVs all come pre-installed with Sony's WALKMAN technology.

"And this is how the One Touch Screen Mirroring works," Allan Law, Product Trainer, Sony Malaysia speaks as he gives his demonstration

On top of that, consumers whose smartphones or tablets have NFC connectivity can utilize the TV's One-touch mirroring And TV SideView features to wirelessly display your mobile device's content freely and easily.

The X-series 4K LED TVs are already available at all Sony Stores and authorized Sony outlets. The 65” and 55” models retail at RM23,999 and RM16,999 respectively.

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