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Sony to Showcase New VAIO Models at IFA 2013

By Michael Low & Joy Hou - on 4 Sep 2013, 10:46am

Sony to Showcase New VAIO Models at IFA 2013

Sony has announced its new VAIO models that incorporate proprietary Sony technologies including (but not limited to) TRILUMINOS Display for mobile and X-Reality for mobile, as well as the VAIO Inspiration Suite that aims to replace the necessity of pen and paper with a collection of core apps. The VAIO Fit A series, VAIO Tap 11, and VAIO Tap 21, are all set to be introduced at the IFA 2013.

VAIO Fit 13A.

VAIO Fit 15A / 14A / 13A

Available in 15-, 14-, and 13-inch sizes, the new VAIO Fit A series features a multi-flip hinge with the ability to flip and convert between laptop, tablet, and viewer modes just by flipping the display over the hinge. The laptop mode allows users to work as though on a conventional notebook, the tablet mode is best utilized for browsing the web, taking pictures, and writing with the digitizer stylus, and the viewer mode lets you flip the display over so you can share a video or movie with someone else. Constructed with an aluminum hairline finish, the notebook comes with a full pitch keyboard, touchpad, and palm rest. Also, the backlit keyboard allows for work in low-light conditions.

The VAIO Inspiration Suite allows users to seamlessly capture, edit, and organize content on their VAIO notebooks. The VAIO Fit multi-flip PC is pre-loaded with a trio of apps to help users unleash their creativity: after shooting and reorienting images on CamScanner, users can then clip out the subject of the image using VAIO Clip, and write memos on top of the images with their digitizer stylus in VAIO Paper.

Besides the Exmor RS for PC sensor (on the VAIO Fit 13A), other technologies such as the TRILUMINOS Display for mobile and X-Reality for mobile, has been incorporated. The notebooks are also powered to deliver dynamic bass and soaring highs without distortion with the ClearAudio+ mode that uses a variety of sound technologies to deliver a superior audio performance.

VAIO Tap 11

Running on the Windows 8 platform, the tablet PC features a distinctive minimalistic form with balance and symmetry throughout, subtly rounded edges and smooth reflective surfaces on all sides, as first introduced in Sony's flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z. The Tap 11 includes a magnetic full pitch keyboard/cover, with a touchpad that can be used wirelessly. The keyboard is separable, and can be attached easily to the display when it's not in use, acting as a protective cover for the screen.

Also equipped with the VAIO Inspiration Suite, TRILUMINOS Display, and ClearAudio+ mode, the Tap 11 features a OptiContrast panel which reduces reflection and supports clearer viewing, resulting in noticeably better pictures with higher brightness and contrast levels. The Rapid Wake + Eco function helps the PC start up quickly, while giving it a longer battery life in sleep mode. Users simply have to detach the keyboard/cover of their notebooks to get back to the tasks they were previously performing on the PC.

VAIO Tap 21

Merging the functions of a conventional desktop PC and the flexibility of a tablet is the new Tap 21, which improves upon the Tap 20 with a thinner and lighter body as well as a built-in battery with a longer battery life. The touch-screen home entertainment hub sports a noiseless aluminum body with a diamond-cut VAIO logo, and a new and improved freestyle stand that's engineered to tilt up and down to any angle with only one hand. With its multi-touch panel with 10-point capacitive touch, multiple users can concurrently enjoy its pre-loaded apps such as VAIO Tabletop, Family Paint, Fingertapps Organizer, and a host of third-party apps that can be downloaded into the PC.

The NFC-enabled VAIO Tap 21 can be adjusted to a touch comfortable angle, as you would with a tablet, or be propped almost upright to become a fully capable desktop PC that is still compatible with the Windows 8 touch-optimized UI. It comes pre-installed with apps, providing the whole family with entertainment options even when on-the-move. Using the Family Paint app, parents can encourage their young ones to paint, draw and express themselves artistically using images, stamps and various coloring tools.

The Fingertapps Organizer tool will also come in handy when planning the schedule for the household. The interactive digital app is able to display multiple peoples’ schedules on a single calendar, and send messages to the group, so that it can serve as a hub to keep everyone connected and updated. Fingertapps Organizer is also compatible with Google and Microsoft Live calendars and can be synchronized automatically.

VAIO Tabletop provides a new viewing, planning and sharing experience that allows for intuitive touch operation from all directions of the touchscreen and supports a wide range of contents such as web clippings, photos, video and music that can be shared with the family. The 21-inch device also features the TRILUMINOS Display for mobile, ClearAudio+ mode, and X-Reality for mobile.

VAIO Fit A Series Nov 2013 / APAC
VAIO Tap 11 Sep 2013 / APAC
VAIO Tap 21 Oct 2013 / Only in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia

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