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The Sony MHC-V890DW is a speaker tower for your club at home

By Ian Chee - on 14 Nov 2017, 11:48am

The Sony MHC-V890DW is a speaker tower for your club at home

Loud music isn't for everyone. But if it is for you, would you like a speaker system that is as large as it is loud – one stands about as tall as you do? That’s the Sony MUTEKI MHC-V90DW, in a nutshell.

Image source: Sony.

Size is not all that the MHC-V90DW has, even if it does stand 170cm tall.  As large as the speakers are, you’ll also get very powerful sound, with its Spread Sound Generator – an open back-type cabinet that supports the spread and distance of high quality music. The front-facing mid-range Angled Speakers and tweeters are, as the name suggests, angled outward at 20 degrees for increased range and spread of sound.

And as far as you’ll be able to hear the sound from the speakers, you’ll also be able to see lights coming from it, giving you that disco or club atmosphere that you’d expect to go with music with excessive volume. They’ll also pulse to the beat of your music, with effects also changing accordingly. The touch panel is also backlit, so there’s no need to fumble in the dark if there are any settings that you need to change.

If a single tower of a speaker is not enough for you, fret not: you can sync up to 10 other compatible speakers via Wi-Fi. This can be done using the Sony Music Center and Fiestable mobile apps.

The Sony MHC-V90DW is available at all Sony authorized dealers for RM2,999.

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