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Sony has a special PlayStation 4 bundle for the holidays

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 3 Dec 2016, 1:15am

Sony unveils special PlayStation 4 bundle for the holidays

Sony revealed their PlayStation Ultimate Holiday Pack, which is a bundle that consists of a PS4 console, along with two fun games that can be enjoyed by anyone this Christmas season.

The ne PlayStation Ultimate Holiday Pack provides you with the definitive way of beginning your PlayStation 4 game library just in time for Christmas. <br> Image Source: Sony

Contained in the bundle is the slimmer version of the PS4, as well as Little Big Planet 3 and Dragon Quest Builders. In addition, the bundle also includes a three-month PlayStation Plus membership for you to join the online community as well as get discounts and even a free game each month.

The slimmer PS4 is their 500GB model that usually costs RM1,349. Among the new features this specific version has includes being more energy efficient and support for High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging technology. This bundle’s console also has a 1-year extended warranty.

Dragon Quest Builders sets players in a world made entire of blocks that they can use to create villages or strongholds to fend off against monsters. Little Big Planet 3 is a game that lets you create your own levels as well as share your creations with others online.

The PlayStation Ultimate Holiday Pack has a recommended retail price of RM1,419 and has been available in Malaysia since November 29.

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