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Sony brings their new BRAVIA 4K HDR Android TVs to Malaysia

By John Law - on 9 Nov 2016, 4:32pm

Sony brings their new BRAVIA 4K HDR Android TVs to Malaysia

Sony is finally launching their new BRAVIA Z9D 4K HDR and X9300D 4K HDR Android TVs in Malaysia, months after their unveiling during IFA 2016 earlier this year.

Meet the Sony BRAVIA Z9D, Sony's most advanced 4K HDR Android TV, which made its debut during IFA 2016.

The Z9D, the flagship of Sony’s BRAVIA lineup, is one of three 4K HDR Android TVs that the Japanese company has chosen to bring into Malaysia. As the flagship, the Z9D sports the company’s new and improved X1 Reality Extreme 4K HDR processor, which allows the TV to drive HDR content in either of the supported HDR formats on the market - Dolby Vision and HDR10.

The new processor has a couple of other features up its sleeves. With it, the Z9D can now reproduce colors on its 4K HDR display with a higher accuracy than other 4K TVs (at least, that’s what we saw during their demonstration). The Z9D also has better black reproduction and smarter LED functions thanks to its new Backlight Master Drive, allowing for images that appear on the display to look bright and vibrant while looking natural and still retaining their original details.

Of course, the Z9D is also an Android TV, so those of us who are familiar with the Android OS on our mobile devices will definitely be able to navigate through its functions. Like all Android platforms, the OS on the Z9D supports third party software installations, such as the open source media player, Kodi.

The Z9D will be available in three form factors: 65-inches, 75-inches, and 100-inches. Price-wise, the 65-inch will retail at RM23,999, while the 75-inch retails for RM29,999. At this time, Sony’s representative says that the 100-inch may only be arriving in Malaysia during Q1 2017 next year, and if it does come in, there’s a chance that that model will cost close to a whopping RM200,000.

The Sony BRAVIA X9300D 4K HDR is also available in Malaysia.

The other two models, the X9300D and X7500D, are also available from today onwards. Like the Z9D, both TVs are also 4K HDR Android TVs. However, they don’t possess the new X1 Reality Extreme processor that’s fitted inside the Z9D.

Below is a short list of the different models their respective pricing:


  • 55-inch – RM9,999
  • 65-inch – RM19,999


  • 55-inch – RM7,499
  • 65-inch – RM10,999
  • 75-inch – RM14,999

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