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Sony announces new OLED microdisplay with support for 240 fps refresh rate

By Marcus Wong - on 30 May 2018, 2:22pm

Sony announces new OLED microdisplay with support for 240 fps refresh rate

Sony’s latest OLED Microdisplay has the highest resolution in the 0.5-type class and the world’s smallest pixel pitch of 6.3µ, allowing for 1.6x higher resolution than the previous model. Using a new drive circuit design that uses half the voltage of the previous model, the new product achieves much higher resolution while using only the same amount of power.

Perhaps of more interest to photographers is that when this microdisplay is paired with Sony’s driving system, it’s able to achieve a refresh rate of up to 240fps meaning it should easily be able to handle burst shooting at even the highest frame rates without lag. So even if we have faster burst rates than the 20fps of the A9 in the future, we shouldn't experience viewfinder blackout. 

New optimized transistors layout mean the microdisplay should be able to withstand the traditional problems of deteriorating image quality and inferior viewing angles. The color filter has also been deposited directly on the silicon substrate, reducing the distance from the light emitting layer, keeping the viewing angle wide while still achieving high resolution.

Here are the key specifications of the new sensor:

Key Specifications
Name ECX339A
Display Size 0.5 type (12.6 mm Diagonal length)
Resolution UXGA(1600×RGB×1200)
Pixel pitch 6.3μm
Max. frame rate 120 fps (progressive) / 240 fps (dual-line progressive)
Power consumption (200cd/m2) 310 mW @ 60 fps (progressive) / 120 fps (dual-line progressive)
Video interface LVDS/Sub-LVDS
Max. luminance 1,000cd/m2
Contrast 100,000:1 or higher
Color gamut (u'v') sRGB ratio: 110%


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