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The Sony a7 II gets new firmware on November 18

By Bryan Chan & Alvin Soon - on 6 Nov 2015, 4:18pm

The Sony a7 II gets new firmware on November 18

After October’s firmware update of the Sony a7R II, owners of the Sony a7 II can look forward to a firmware update of their own on November 18.

The free firmware update, version 2.0, will:

  • Add uncompressed 14-bit raw image capture
  • Activate phase detection AF on A-mount lenses in addition to E-mount lenses
  • Activate 117-point focal plane phase detection AF for A-mount lenses
  • Let you assign the ‘Movie’ button to a custom button

(Note: Sony A-mount lenses can be used on the a7 II with the LA-EA3 mount adapter.)

The new firmware will be available for free and can be download through Sony’s e-support site,, on the product page for model “ILCE-7M2”.

Sony’s decision to ship their full frame, mirrorless A-series cameras with compressed raw perplexed and frustrated users, but to its credit, Sony listened and promised firmware updates to unlock saving in uncompressed 14-bit raw. 

While lossy compression throws away data to reduce file sizes, uncompressed files save the data completely as it is, resulting in higher fidelity files.

The A7 II, released at the end of 2014, will join the recently released a7S II and Cyber-shot RX1R II, as well as the updated a7R II, in offering uncompressed raw capture to its users ... like most high-end cameras already do out of the box.

Source: Sony.