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This software minimizes distortions in your selfies

By Bryan Chan - on 1 Aug 2016, 10:40am

This software minimizes distortions in your selfies

A research team from Princeton University and Adobe have co-developed a software that can digitally manipulate a selfie. The software is able to analyze a selfie or portrait, before allowing you to minimize the level of distortion. If you're someone who actually likes distortion, this software is also able to simulate the different levels of distortion when shot with different lenses. However, the distortion will only apply to the face of a subject, and not the entire frame.

How does it work? The first thing this software does is to map the 2D source image. This data is then transferred onto a 3D head model, which can be rendered at different distances, using a virtual camera.

You can actually see the software in action below: 

Source: Forbes