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Shopplus announces its new On-The-Go system

By Nickey Ross - on 10 Aug 2017, 12:13pm

Shopplus announces its new On-The-Go system

Shopplus is a newly launched site where consumers can purchase, share and receive cashbacks as well as shopping points. The site combines retail and e-commerce, and is a Malaysian initiative backed by a Taiwanese group. Shopplus offers one of the most compelling bonus rebates, with a three-tier dividend return. With the emergence of Shopplus, users now don't have to wait so long to receive Taiwanese products in addition to being a part of Malaysia's ever-expanding e-commerce industry.

Shopplus has six main categories, which are Home & Living, Sports & Leisure, Fashion, Baby & Kids, Digital & Electronic Goods, and Automotive. It consists of two teams: the Taiwanese team providing the e-commerce platform along with the Malaysian team, that provides information on the marketing and retail sector.  Shopplus will be doing the stock keeping, advertising, shipping and marketing while all shoppers would have to do is share. 

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