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Sharp unveils the new AQUOS Android TV range (Updated)

By John Law - on 10 Aug 2015, 5:24pm

Sharp unveils the new AQUOS Android TV range (Updated)

From L-R: Takaya Wakasumi, Managing Director, Sharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd; Yoshinori Yasumoto, Head of Division, Marketing, NBD, PR, A-Force Team, Sharp-Roxy Sales & Services Company (M) Sdn Bhd; S.M. Tok, General Manager, Branches, CEP & ISP Sales, Sharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd; and S.G. Lau, General Manager, CEP & ISP Marketing, Sharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd.

Update (August 13, 2015): We've rectified a mistake in our coverage, stating that the LE275X series would come pre-installed with Android KitKat 4.4. To be precise, it is not the LE275X series which will come with the said OS, but the the LE570X series, which has yet to be announced.

Sharp today officially launched their latest premium range of AQUOS Android TVs for the Malaysian market. Their entry of Android TVs into the Malaysian markets also makes them the second company in Malaysia to bring in TVs that support this smart TV ecosystem by Google.

The 50-inch model from the UE630X Series. All TVs under the UE630X Series with Android TV.

The launch, which went by the theme “Unleash the YOU Dimension,” unveiled Sharp’s premium range of AQUOS 4K Android TVs. The TVs under this range come in the following display sizes: 50-inch, 58-inch, and 65-inch. As one would expect, the premium models are packed with some of Sharp’s own proprietary features, such as their powerful 4K Master Engine Pro, Rich Colour (which Sharp says contributes to a 14 percent color improvement over their previous flagship 4K TV models), and with Android TV installed, users also gain access to Google-centric tools, such as Voice Search, Gaming and Google Cast.

All three Android TV models under the UE630X series will launch at the end of this month, and will retail for RM10,699 for the 65-inch model, RM7,999 for the 58-inch model, and RM4,699 for the 50-inch model.

Sharp's UA330X Series all ship out with 4K capability, but not with Android TV. Seen here is the 65-inch model.

The 58-inch model from Sharp's UA330X Series.

Besides their premium UE630X series, Sharp also launched their UA330X and LE275X TV series today as well. Like the UE630X series, the TVs under the UA330X series are all 4K TVs, but unlike its premium brethren, none of the TVs under the UA330X series will have Android TV built into them. The UA330X series will have four models sizes: 40-inch, 50-inch, 58-inch, and 65-inch. These four TVs will retails for RM2,699 for the 40-inch model, RM3,699 for the 50-inch model, RM5,499 for the 58-inch model, and RM8,999 for the 65-inch model.

Just like the UE630X series, the UA330X series will also be available starting at the end of the month.

Sharp's LE275X Series TVs are made for consumers who aren't looking for anything beyond the Full HD spectrum yet. Seen here is the 65-inch model of the series, which is the biggest in the list.

Last but not least, the LE275X series represents the company range of Full HD TVs, and comes with many standard features, such as HDMI, USB and MHL ports, and Sharp’s own Wide Colour function (which gives the TV better green and red colors). 

The LE275X Series will have five different models: 32-inch, 40-inch, 50-inch, 58-inch, and 65-inch. The prices for each of these models are set at RM1,099 for the 32-inch model, RM1,599 for the 40-inch model, RM2,699 for the 50-inch model, RM3,999 for the 58-inch model, and RM6,499 for the 65-inch model. All models will be available beginning at the end of this month.

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