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Sharp Malaysia launches 8K TVs and more

By Bryan Chan - on 9 Nov 2016, 4:04pm

Sharp Malaysia launches 8K TVs and more

Takaya Wakasumi (third from left), Managing Director, Sharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd, and members of the upper management of Sharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd, at the event earlier today. They are standing in front of the 80-inch 8K TV.

At an event earlier today, we were introduced to the latest from Sharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd (Sharp). With too many products to talk about, here are some of the highlights.

Sharp Ultrasonic Washer

A highly unique product, the Sharp Ultrasonic Washer is a hand-held device that is able to remove all kinds of stains from different types of fabrics. It does so by generating ultrasonic vibrations, which in turns generates up to 38,000 strokes of air bubbles per second. These air bubbles go deep between the seams of your fabric to remove tough stains. This device is already available in the market, with a recommended retail price of RM499.

Sharp five-door Hikaru refrigerator range

This series of high-end refrigerators offer up to 800L of capacity – the largest capacity in this category – for you to store all your food. Among its features include a pillar-less design, Plasmacluster Ion Shower, a multi-temperature room, Sharp's J-Tech inverter, and a hybrid cooling function.

The 'Karakuri' water dispenser system is accessed via a touch-sensitive panel.

What's cool (pun intended) about these refrigerators, is that the 800L model has a 'Karakuri Water Dispenser' system. 'Karakuri' means 'mechanisms' in Japanese, and in the case of this refrigerator, the Karakuri dispenser has a hidden water dispenser mechanism that can be accessed just by touching a touch-sensitive panel on the fridge.

There are three models in this refrigerator range – the SJF886WGK, SJF876GK, and SJF866MS. They retail for RM11,999, RM9,999, and RM8,999 respectively. Availability begins in December 2016.

Sharp Aquos range

One of the biggest news from today's event was the announcement of the availability of Sharp's 8K resolution TVs – the XU series – in Malaysia. Available in 70- and 80-inch variants, these TVs offer Sharp's Quattron technology, as well as the Ultra Dynamic Range Pro feature, which provides better colors.

The XU series retails for RM25,999 for the 70-inch variant, and RM35,999 for the 80-inch variant. Those looking for more affordable options can consider Sharp's 60-inch range, which is listed below:

Model Description Price Availability
LC60LE275X Full HD Digital TV RM3,999 December 2016
LC60LE380X Full HD with Easy Smart* RM4,299 January 2017
LC60LE580X Full HD with Android TV RM4,899 November 2016
LC60UA440X Ultra HD TV with Easy Smart* RM5,699 November 2016
LC60UE630X Ultra HD with Android TV RM6,299 December 2016











*Easy Smart TVs are essentially TVs that can connect to the internet.


Sharp UXD air-conditioner range

With the lowest Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant in the market, Sharp's UXD series of air-conditioners help you keep cool, without warming the Earth. They offer the ability to reduce the temperature to as low as 14 degrees Celsius, and have LED lights to highlight its current operating mode, as well as the direction of the airflow.

There are two models in this range, the AHXP1OUXD (1HP) and the AHXP13UXD (1.5HP). They retail for RM1,999 and RM2,599 respectively, and will be available starting December, 2016.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers

There are two new additions to Sharp's range of air purifiers, and they are the FPG50LW and the FPGM50LB. Among the features of these purifiers include an improved coverage area of up to 40m2, a dust and odor sensor, and a three-step air-purifying system with Plasmacluster technology.

The FPG50LW is now available for RM1,089, while the FPGM50LB will be available in December for RM1,299.

Sharp also took the opportunity to perform some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by donating several units of air purifiers to the Malaysian Association for The Prevention of Tuberculosis.

Several units of Sharp's air purifier were given to the Malaysian Association for The Prevention of Tuberculosis.

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