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Sharp Goes “Full Speed Ahead”

By Chong Jinn Wei - on 6 Dec 2013, 6:04pm

Sharp Goes “Full Speed Ahead”

Sharp is going “Full Speed Ahead” in the competitive Malaysian electrical pr market. During their event, Sharp introduced multiple electrical products, including their highly anticipated THX-certified AQUOS Ultra HD LED TV; home appliances such as refrigerators, air-conditioners and washing machines; and their new customer service team, the A-FORCE.

Hiroyuki Nuizato, Managing Director, Sharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company, Malaysia.

“We are confident that our brand value proposition and strategic business approach will put us in good stead in tackling the challenges ahead. Next year, the demand is projected at two million units and Sharp will be at the frontline, jostling for the share of the market with our Big AQUOS series lineup leading the way. Similarly, we expect slight increase in the demand for other categories in Consumer Electrical products and in all these categories we will be fighting for our deserved share.” said Hiroyuki Nuizato, Managing Director, Sharp-Roxy Sales & Service Company, Malaysia.


The Sharp AQUOS LC-70UD1X Ultra HD LED TV enhances the picture quality of your videos with impeccable detail and clarity. The TV has four times the pixel resolution than high definition TVs, allowing viewers to experience crisper and more detailed videos. Pricing for the 70-inch TV is set at RM29,999.

The Sharp SJBW30PBK Dual Swing Door Refrigerator.

Sharp also introduced its dual swing door fridge, the SJBW30PBK. The innovative swing door technology allows users to open the fridge from either left or right positions, giving them better accessibility to the fridge's contents. Sharp also mentioned that the fridge uses its proprietary Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology to help keep your fresh food free from contaminants, making them last longer.

Team A-Force is a special customer service team dedicated to attending to any woes related to air-conditioning

Besides that, Sharp also officially introduced their new special customer service team, the A-FORCE. The team is dedicate to provide great service and support for its air-conditioning segment in the Malaysian market.

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