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Seagate explains more about its Guardian series

By Bryan Chan - on 8 Sep 2016, 6:14pm

Seagate explains more about its Guardian series

Hong Mee Mee, Country Sales Manager, Seagate Technology, explaining more about the latest Seagate products.

Seagate is eager to claim the lead in terms of market share. To this end, it has re-branded its storage solutions, in similar fashion to WD. Seagate now has three families of storage solutions – IronWolf, SkyHawk and BarraCuda.

The IronWolf series of solutions are optimized for use in NAS devices, while the SkyHawk series is meant for surveillance systems. Last but not least, the BarraCuda series is designed for use in mainstream PC systems.

To ensure it caters to as many people as possible, Seagate further diversified the families. The IronWolf also consists of the IronWolf Pro, while there's the BarraCuda Pro and FireCuda for the BarraCuda.

IronWolf consists of solutions with capacities from one to 10TB, supports up to eight bay configurations, workloads up to 180TB/Y, has three years warranty, and a rating of one million MTBF. As for IronWolf Pro, you're looking at solutions with two to 10TB, support for up to 16 bay configurations, workloads up to 300TB/Y, warranty for five years, and a 1.2 million MTBF.

A model personifying the SilverHawk series holding a SilverHawk HDD.

When it comes to the BarraCuda series, you're looking at performance of 350 IOPS, workloads up to 55TB/Y, and a two-year warranty. The BarraCuda Pro on the other hand offers 550 IOPS, workloads up to 300TB/Y, and a five-year warranty. FireCuda solutions are optimized for gaming, and creative applications, with capacities up to 2TB and a five-year warranty.

Also new from Seagate is the refreshed Backup Plus Desktop family of external HDDs, which come with two USB ports at the front, for those who need the extra connectivity.

Seagate definitely has an extensive range of products!

These products mentioned in this article are now available for purchase in the market.

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