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Samsung's Galaxy X can do something that Apple's iPhone X can't

By John Law & Cookie Monster - on 5 Dec 2017, 10:10am

Samsung's Galaxy X can do something that Apple's iPhone X can't

Image source: Digital Trends.

The iPhone X might be seen by Apple as the 'future of the smartphone', but Samsung's recent technological development could push the boundary even further. 

According to Business Korea, sources in the display industry claim that Samsung Display has developed a foldable panel with a curvature of 1.0R. If a display panel as a curvature of 1.0R, it can be folded inward like a piece of paper. Due to the foldable nature of the panel, Samsung Display is expected to use plastic material.

"Samsung has applied for a number of technology patents for foldable smartphones in order to preempt the foldable display market," said an official of the industry. "But as the product is not officially released, it will be vital to the success of the product how much related technology is applied.”

Samsung is likely to name the foldable smartphone as the Galaxy X, a rumor which has been circulating for two years. Foldable or flexible displays have been showcased by Samsung since CES 2013 and the company even filed patents for scrollable, tab-style and bendable smartphone designs. 

Earlier this year, Business Korea reported that the Galaxy X could launch in the first half of 2018. This could be brought forward as LG is reportedly accelerating its development of foldable displays. LG plans to develop a foldable panel with a curvature of 2.5R and 1.0R by 2018 amd 2019 respectively. It already filed a patent for a foldable smartphone in 2015. 

Source: Business Korea.