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Samsung's Galaxy S9 could have a 1,000 fps camera system

By Michael Low & Cookie Monster - on 23 Sep 2017, 9:45am

Samsung's Galaxy S9 could have a 1,000 fps camera system

The dual-camera module on the rear of the Galaxy Note8.

The world of mobile photography is more than just portrait shots, and Samsung is working on a new camera that can capture up to 1,000 images a second. 

According to ETNews, industry sources claim that Samsung is currently in the testing phase, and is likely to move to mass production of the new camera system in November. To put it simply, the new camera system is a 'three-layered image sensor' consisting of a camera sensor, a logic board, and a DRAM chip.

As Sony is the first company to commercialize these camera systems with patented processes, Samsung had to develop new processes to avoid paying royalty fees. While Samsung's process is slightly more complex and costs more, it can source DRAM chips faster at lower costs than Sony, since the South Korean company has a semiconductor business unit. 

If Samsung manages to overcome the technical challenges and achieve decent yields, we could possibly see the new camera system in the Galaxy S9 next year. 

Source: ETNews via Android Authority .