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Samsung's foldable smartphone bends inwards, reportedly close to release

By Michael Low & Liu Hongzuo - on 3 Oct 2017, 10:00am

Samsung's foldable smartphone bends inwards, reportedly close to release

A 2014 concept phone, done by Samsung.

Korean IT news site ETnews received reports from 'the industries' stating that Samsung Electronics has recently restarted the development of inward-folding smartphones. The development is handled by Samsung Display, which aims to implement '3R curvature' in a display. The IT news site also said that this comes after 'many years' of R&D by the Korean electronics giant.

The term '3R' is a unit of measurement for an (imaginary) osculating circle’s curves. The same news site also said that D.J. Koh, President of Samsung Electronic’s Mobile Communication Business, recently announced that they are looking at foldable phones for 2018.

While the exact details are not publicly known, ETnews said that Samsung previously started by developing inward-folding handsets four to five years ago. Samsung later flipped their research towards an outward-folding design, before coming back to reinvest in the original inward-folding blueprint.

The foldable phone is allegedly at a stage where it is close to commercial release. This fall in line with a recent leak that showcased a bendable 'Samsung Galaxy X' (model number SM-G888N0) – a new, unannounced device was approved for sale in South Korea, along with acquiring various licenses for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth usage.

Source: ETnews (English)