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Samsung’s MS751 Soundbar Sound+ brings the cinematic experience to the home

By John Law - on 26 Sep 2017, 8:45pm

Samsung’s MS751 Soundbar Sound+ brings the cinematic experience to the home

The Samsung MS751 Soundbar Sound+.

If you’re in the market for a soundbar that provides more immersive cinematic experience over other soundbars on the market, then perhaps it’s time for you to consider Samsung’s new MS751 Soundbar Sound+.

During a casual session, Samsung Malaysia gave us a chance to play around with the aforementioned soundbar, and we were pretty impressed with it. The Soundbar Sound+ comes with 5-channel setup that boasts a total of 11 speakers units. Each speaker comes with a dedicated amplifier, including three wide-range tweeters, six woofers, and two vertical wide-range tweeters.

The design of the Soundbar Sound+ is simple: there are only so many connective audio ports, and three HDMI ports.

One of the latest features of the Soundbar Sound+ is the Ultra High Quality Audio Upscaler, which automatically upscales the audio source of a lower quality source into a 32-bit audio track. Additionally, it can also reproduce bass levels at frequencies as low as 35Hz. This makes it an excellent compact speaker, both for a more enriching cinematic experience and a relatively accurate media player.

Say goodbye to ugly wall-mounting holes with Samsung's special mounting bracket for the Soundbar Sound+.

The design of the SoundBar Sound+ is also kept simple: it’s designed for easy wall mounting, requiring a specially designed cable that connects it directly to any of the latest Samsung TVs that is capable of supporting it. Adding on to the wall mounting issue, Samsung says they have a special wall bracket that allows consumers to easily mount the soundbar to the TV via a special mounting bracket that hangs from the bottom of the TV. And once everything is connected properly, Samsung says that you'll only need a single remote to control both the TV and the soundbar.

In terms of performance, we managed to sit down for a little one-on-one time with the Soundbar Sound+ and actually got to play a couple of songs from our playlist. Our first impressions is that the high pitches on the soundbar is pretty impressive, but we did notice that the tweeters did break a little at one point, but it was negligible. Mids and vocal were loud, audible, and even the lows (i.e. bass) were not overpowering and showed virtually no signs of distortion. Sound staging was surprisingly accurate too: the Soundbar Sound+ was actually able to identify each individual instrument and vocals.

The Samsung MS751 Soundbar Sound+ is already available in Malaysia, and it retails at an SRP of RM3,499.

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