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Samsung brings its CFG70 Quantum Dot curved gaming monitor to Malaysia

By John Law - on 19 Jan 2017, 1:12pm

Samsung brings its CFG70 Quantum Dot curved gaming monitor to Malaysia

From L-R: Hui Whye Leong, Director of Enterprise Business, CE Division; Wong Man Ngee, Director of Enterprise Business, IT Division; Lee Sang Hoon, President; Elaine Soh, Chief Marketing Officer; and Austin Park, Business Manager of Enterprise Business.

Remember when Samsung announced the CFG70 curved gaming monitor with Quantum Dot technology back in September 2016?

Well, we’re happy to tell you that the Korean consumer electronics giant has officially brought in the CFG70 to Malaysia.

The 24-inch variant of the Samsung CFG70, seen here in a multi-monitor configuration. Posing in the picture is local gamer PindaPanda.

Available in either 24- or 27-inch variants, the CFG70 is the world’s first curved gaming monitor that utilizes Quantum Dot display technology. Compared to the conventional LED and still-not-as-common OLED displays, Quantum Dot technology also consumes less energy in order to power up a display, thanks on no small part to the nano particles that are used to make the displays. It also exudes far less heat than an LED display, allowing gamers to sit in front of the screen for long hours while keeping ocular fatigue down to a minimum.

The 27-inch variant of Samsung CFG70.

Samsung has gone to great lengths at angling its CFH70 towards the gaming crowd. Specs-wise, both variants are capable of producing refresh rates of up to 144Hz and a 1ms response time. The curvature of the CFH70 monitors are rated at 1,800R.

The displays also support AMD’s FreeSync variable refresh rate technology, meaning gamers with PCs running an AMD Radeon graphics can easily reduce the amount of screen stuttering and tearing while ensuring a smoother overall gaming experience.

Alas, both variants only have a display resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 (Full HD), and nothing more. The only other monitor with a resolution greater than Full HD is the CF791, but a source within Samsung told us there the company has no intention of bringing in that particular model at current.

One other cool feature of the CFG70 is the dual-hinge stand that allows the display to swivel, pivot and even tilt in several angles. On top of that, the neck of the top hinge also doubles as a headphones rest.

The 24- and 27-inch CFG70 is currently up for pre-orders on Lazada, starting from today until January 26, 2017. The monitors will then be available for purchase at authorized Samsung retailers and resellers from January 27,2017.  The 24-inch will retail at RM1,699, while the 27-inch will retail at RM2,099.

The first 100 customers who pre-order the monitor via Lazada will also receive RM264 worth of free gifts.

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