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Samsung and Apple Get Big on Tablets

By John Law - on 23 Jul 2013, 11:26am

Samsung and Apple Get Big On Tablets

Round 3! Or was it round 4 or 5? Whatever, FIGHT! <br>Image source: OSTimes

Samsung and Apple are going head to head (yet again) by taking their ongoing feud and tablet war to the next level. How, you ask? By increasing their tablet size to an average of 12 inches.

Color us unsurprised, but with the way the world of mobility has been moving, going bigger on the screen real estate was pretty much the logical thing to do.

The news of the two electronic giants making bigger tablets came to light when a Wall Street Journal report spoke of Apple dabbling about with a 12.9-inch iPad – dubbed aptly as 'iPad Maxi.' About the same time, another source began mentioning that Samsung's next tablet would be a 12.2-inch tablet and would sport that lovely 2560x1600 resolution display that first made headway on Google's Nexus 10 tablet (manufactured by Samsung, no less).

Samsung's definitely pulling out the stops for the screen of its next tablet as well, having made claims that the display will be using an IGZO (Indium-Gallium Zinc Oxide) panel display from Sharp. Oh, and they're even throwing in an S-Pen for good measure too.

Source: TabTimes