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S10's ultrasonic fingerprint sensor issues to be addressed in future updates

By Cookie Monster - on 15 Mar 2019, 8:00am

S10's ultrasonic fingerprint sensor issues to be addressed in future updates

The Samsung Galaxy S10 (left) and Galaxy S10+ (right) use an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is supposedly to be one of the key highlights of the Galaxy S10 and S10+, but users have been complaining about the multiple failures of the sensor or that it simply does not function as well as they've expected. 

In response to customers' feedback, a Samsung official shared with The Korea Herald that it will continue to upgrade the software to improve the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor's performance. 

“There can be many occasions where users find the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work well, for example, when you are in a dry environment, or when your finger skin is really dry, or when you have a scratch on your fingerprint,” said a Samsung official. 

“The accuracy has been improved through the first update of software recently just in one week since the launch, and we will continue providing updates to make the scanner work better.” 

During the course of our review, we found the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor to operate exactly the same as other in-display fingerprint sensors. While it takes about half a second to unlock, we feel that it works fine although there are occasions that we have to press a bit harder than usual. There was a recent software update on 5 March which supposedly improved the performance of the fingerprint recognition. 

Source: The Korea Herald