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Ryan Seacrest Invested US$1 Million in Keyboard Accessory for iPhone 5 and 5s

By Michael Low & Sidney Wong - on 9 Dec 2013, 8:54am

Ryan Seacrest Invested US$1 Million in Keyboard Accessory for iPhone 5 and 5s

 Image source: TYPO

Keyboard accessories for the Apple iPhones are nothing new, but the TYPO Keyboard is different - it has the backing of celebrity Ryan Seacrest, who has invested over US$1 million in the product.

The TYPO Keyboard is actually a Bluetooth case that you can place the Apple iPhone 5 or 5S in, which has a striking resemblance to the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone. TYPO claims that users report typing 50% faster and with less errors while using the product, and it has quick rapid charge feature, which allows it to be fully charged in less than an hour.

Seacrest's interest in an iPhone accessory started two years ago when he was having dinner with his friend Laurence Hallier, CEO of Show Media. Both of them carried two phones: one for typing and correspondence, and an iPhone for everything else. They tried every iPhone keyboard in the market, but realized that there was no single effective solution.

If you are having difficulties typing on the touch screen or miss the feel of typing on a physical keyboard, the TYPO Keyboard is available for pre-order at US$99.

It will make its official debut at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in early January, and the shipment of the product is also stated to be in that month. TYPO is working on similar accessories for other smartphone and tablets.

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