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Rumor: Yahoo is up for sale

By Azizul Rahman Ismail - on 2 Dec 2015, 11:26am

Rumor: Yahoo is up for sale

Image Source: Engadget

According to the Wall Street Journal, sources familiar with the matter said that a series of board meetings that will be held later this week may determine the fate of Yahoo. An option, reportedly, includes the selling off of Yahoo’s core Internet business.

Currently Yahoo has a 15 percent stake in Alibaba, which is worth US$32 or so billion, and a stake in Yahoo Japan is valued at US$8.5 billion. These businesses will most likely be spun off if the idea of a sale goes through.

But, this is not the first time Yahoo is looking for a buyer. Back in 2008, Microsoft failed to buy Yahoo in a long courtship that saw both companies playing hard to get.

Only the board members know if Yahoo deserves a second chance. Meanwhile, if you have data stored up in Yahoo or their services, it may a good time to back it up to an external hard disk instead.

Source: The Wall Street Journal via Endadget