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Rumor: The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have software navigation keys

By Bryan Chan & Cookie Monster - on 30 Dec 2016, 10:49am

Rumor: The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have software navigation keys

Samsung may finally be embracing software navigation keys for its Galaxy S8 smartphone. 

David Ruddock, the Managing Editor of Android Police, heard from his source that Samsung "will completely ditch hardware navigation keys" and switch to "all soft keys with 3D Touch-like functionality". He added that the soft keys may be customizable and the removal of hardware keys will give the Galaxy S8 a very thin bottom bezel. David also shared that the fingerprint sensor will be removed from the front and may possibly be relocated to the back.

ETNews reported in October that the physical home button will be removed on the Galaxy S8 in favor of embedding the fingerprint sensor in the display. This will help Samsung achieve a truly 'full-screen' Galaxy S8 with no bezels. It is unclear whether Samsung will develop its own in-display scanners or integrate third-party solutions such as Sonavation's ultrasound biometric sensor technology, Qualcomm's Sense ID technology and Synaptics FS9100 optical fingerprint sensor

The Investor claimed last month that the Galaxy S8 could come with a pressure-sensitive display. The Korean company could either use its own patented pressure-sensitive technology or Synaptics' ClearPad discrete touch controller solutions.

Source: David Ruddock (@RDR0b11) via SamMobile